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Michigan made magickal art items

  • Looking in...
    Looking in...
  • Sculpture display
    Sculpture display
  • Shelf Display
    Shelf Display
  • Earthly Delights
    Earthly Delights
  • The Realm of the Goddess
    The Realm of the Goddess
  • Spiraling into the Center Earrings
    Spiraling into the Center Earrings
  • Grand Mother Moon
    Grand Mother Moon
  • Midnight Bunny
    Midnight Bunny
  • Angel in the Heavens
    Angel in the Heavens
  • Catching Star Dust
    Catching Star Dust
  • Angel of the East Wind
    Angel of the East Wind
  • Kitty in the Window
    Kitty in the Window
  • The Maiden and the Unicorn
    The Maiden and the Unicorn
  • Lotus of Enlightenment
    Lotus of Enlightenment
  • Leaf Hopper
    Leaf Hopper
  • Old Owl
    Old Owl
  • Moon Fairy earrings
    Moon Fairy earrings
  • Geese in the Rain
    Geese in the Rain
  • Butterfly collection of Necklace, Barrette, and Decorative Comb
    Butterfly collection of Necklace, Barrette, and Decorative Comb
  • Dragons Afoot!
    Dragons Afoot!
  • Drawing down the Moon
    Drawing down the Moon
  • Sacred Sparks at midnight
    Sacred Sparks at midnight
  • Gaia
  • Moon Rise in the Cattails
    Moon Rise in the Cattails
  • Owl you elegant Fowl!
    Owl you elegant Fowl!
Looking in...
Looking in...

Shop our Galleries of hand crafted items made in our Jordan Valley Studio, Explore our Photographic Art and Metal Sculpture for sale,  visit our Etsy shop, or best of all, stop by and see us at our Studio Store!


JUNE is well underway, and we continue, here at Sacred Sparks, to create wonderful things that you will NOT find anywhere else in this beautiful world.  So we hope you can find your way to our little shop.  We have so much to offer and most is of that very special one of a kind nature, that it is difficult to offer here on a website.  We are worth your effort to find us.  You will be greeted with smiles, happy conversation, and you will leave with treasures and hugs.  Where in the world do you find a business like that?  Sacred Sparks!  That's where!


Thanks for stopping by.

BE  ...ª"˜¨¨¯¯¨¨˜"ª¤..Inspired..¤ª"˜¨¨¯¯¨¨˜"ª...

   Change is a Constant!

December was an extraordinary month., add November into that mix and October as well, and I must say Jerry and I are scrutinizing our future direction hard core.
  With the October sudden and unannounced loss of our crucial directional sign, that helped our  customers find us, added to a warmer than usual Autumn, and a stagnant economy, all thus culminating in the slowest season we have experienced in our 20 years as Sacred Sparks! We have therefore, been contemplating our direction forward into this new year.  AND we ARE moving forward!  We aren't going away!
  To be logical, frugal and wise, we have looked at all aspects of our struggle to remain solvent and continue our efforts within the constructs of a normal business model.  Perhaps, based on all aspects that evolve around what a business design should be, we are seeing dramatic short falls in our supply and lack of customer demand. In other words... more supply than demand.
  As artists, we cannot halt our creative flow, but we do need to design a unique tourniquet, that will allow our ideas and creations to flow into the world and stop the debt accrued from outside inventory purchasing. Commercially made inventory that once 'sparked' up our little shop, has been gathering dust. I hate to dust, I'd rather make earrings!  
  At this point in time, we will no longer offer anything that we do not create ourselves.  This means books, C.D.'s, Tarot Decks, and other products purchased from outside venders will disappear as they are sold, and will not be replaced.  We are embracing the unique, rare, and wonderful experience. 
  As time passes we will be holding sales every now and then on manufactured items.  These sales will be reserved strictly within the confines of our brick and mortar store, not on line.  On line marketing is a totally different goat of another color. 
  As you may imagine, this has been a difficult decision for us. We don't want to eliminate the lovely products, that help round out Sacred Sparks into a truly unique shop in this area, Of course our jewelry, sculpture, assemblages, drawings, watercolors and other little unique creations that call out to your psyche, will remain and grow.  Jerry and I will fill our little gallery to maximum capacity.
    The unexpected loss of our directional sign in October, was a deciding factor for us. Maybe this was a blessing shrouded in strange clothing. That is how we will look at this current state of affairs.  
We will move forward in a positive way and be true to our name of Sacred Sparks 
  As I mentioned earlier, we will hold spontaneous in store sales on various manufactured items, until they are gone. If we are in a really good mood there may be giveaways, but you have to be in our shop.  We will continue to create beautiful, one of a kind items that hold meaning, good purpose and priced reasonably. It will be these treasures that will fill up the empty spots of extinct commercial items.

So I say this to you, if you are reading these words and live in a proximity that is close... Why not bless us by stopping by our little shop,  you may catch a great deal, or find a treasure hand made by us.
   Like our page on Face Book and you will receive notices of our 'surprise sales' first hand,  Please continue to visit Sacred Sparks for what we create and engage in some healthy, vibrant conversation, spiced up with lots of smiles, laughter and hugs.
                         Happy 2016 Everyone!
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Sacred Sparks is the studio of the artists


Linda Beers-Aydlott 


Jerry Aydlott 

of East Jordan, Michigan

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