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Michigan made magickal art items

  • Looking in...
    Looking in...
  • Sculpture display
    Sculpture display
  • Shelf Display
    Shelf Display
  • Earthly Delights
    Earthly Delights
  • The Realm of the Goddess
    The Realm of the Goddess
  • Spiraling into the Center Earrings
    Spiraling into the Center Earrings
  • Grand Mother Moon
    Grand Mother Moon
  • Midnight Bunny
    Midnight Bunny
  • Angel in the Heavens
    Angel in the Heavens
  • Catching Star Dust
    Catching Star Dust
  • Angel of the East Wind
    Angel of the East Wind
  • Kitty in the Window
    Kitty in the Window
  • The Maiden and the Unicorn
    The Maiden and the Unicorn
  • Lotus of Enlightenment
    Lotus of Enlightenment
  • Leaf Hopper
    Leaf Hopper
  • Old Owl
    Old Owl
  • Moon Fairy earrings
    Moon Fairy earrings
  • Geese in the Rain
    Geese in the Rain
  • Butterfly collection of Necklace, Barrette, and Decorative Comb
    Butterfly collection of Necklace, Barrette, and Decorative Comb
  • Dragons Afoot!
    Dragons Afoot!
  • Drawing down the Moon
    Drawing down the Moon
  • Sacred Sparks at midnight
    Sacred Sparks at midnight
  • Gaia
  • Moon Rise in the Cattails
    Moon Rise in the Cattails
  • Owl you elegant Fowl!
    Owl you elegant Fowl!
Looking in...
Looking in...

WELCOME!  You have found Sacred Sparks!  A magickal experience that will pleasantly haunt you with beauty, faeries, magick and art.  Shop our Galleries of hand crafted items made in our Jordan Valley Studio.   Visit our Etsy shop, or best of all, stop by and see us at our Studio Store on Mt. Bliss Road, East Jordan, MI!


     YULE is getting closer, and the Sun sets earlier every day.  We so look forward to YULE or the Winter Solstice on December 21st.  That is the day the Sun begins it's return journey, promising longer brighter days.  Right now we are in the dark days.  The Sun is low on the Southern horizon and can't get above the trees in the woods across the street.  Since the trees keep the Sun shaded, even without clouds it seems dark.  We do so love a blue sky day though.  Right now we have no snow.  The roads are clear and you can travel to our shop without concern. 
  We here are ready for the holiday bustle, and hope people will think of our tiny, out of the way shop for a starter point in your journey to find cool perfect gifts. 


The shop is open and always changing, with new items we have created. Our earring displays are literally dripping with sparkly, one of a kind beauties, and all priced reasonably.  

We would like to thank the dear people who have come to visit our little shop recently.  Your purchases and happy conversation embolden us to continue our humble efforts.  

We hope the season will include a trip to our little shop here on Mount Bliss Road.  Please do call ahead to avoid disappointment.  We would so love to see you. Blessings to all.




   The past few months have been challenging for us, with some big set backs in our life style.  In January a creosote fire destroyed our 100 year old chimney.  We had to depend on forced air, propane heat and thanked goodness, that we had that furnace, to get us through the rest of winter, and the colder than usual spring. We have been deeply blessed to receive an endearing amount of support from family and friends.  There are not words to justly express our gratitude ..... we can't say THANK YOU enough!!!!!!  

There is good and there is negative in every life experience.  Our family is working hard to find a positive way forward.  We are just a few months from the beginning of the next heating season.  We cannot depend on expensive propane heat and the associated electric use, to pull us through.  We have some options and are working to find the solution.

   Your continued support of our small business is deeply appreciated, especially now.   We wish you the most wonderful summer as it unfurls in splendor.  Blessings in abundance to you who are reading this!   


   Sacred Sparks the shop, happily moves forward.  We encourage you to call ahead of your visit, to make sure we are here to greet you. The We cannot resist a yard sale.   

                                     CALL  1-231-536-2704  


Sacred Sparks is special and one of a kind. It is difficult to display here on a website.  We are worth your effort to find us. There is nothing like us anywhere in this crazy busy world. 

You will be greeted with smiles, and happy conversation. You will leave with treasures, hugs, and a deep peaceful feeling.  Where in the world do you find a business like that?  Sacred Sparks!  That's where!

If you live far away and have looked at our site here and not found something to purchase as a keepsake, why not visit our Etsy Shop?  We have lots more there, and not the same items. 


Please show your love through your actions.

Thanks for stopping by.

   Change is a Constant!

On October 5th, 2015 we lost our crucial directional sign on the tri-corners of Mount Bliss Road, Rogers Road and M-32!  This sign helped our new and vacationing customers find us.  We have experienced, over our 20 years as Sacred Sparks, some  happenings and experiences that have caused us pause, but the harsh shock of the unannounced taking of our sign, really hurt deep, not only as long time citizens in this small community, but financially.  Considering our location, that sign was important for customers finding us.  Sadly, religious beliefs were behind this, yet these folks have not been to our little store to see who we are or what we offer.  When presumption rather than truth and knowledge propel harsh action, then who is responsible?

In contemplating a direction forward, through the hard line challenges we've faced, brings up questions on how to proceed.  Should we give up and just close or find a solution to the challenge?  We've come to a decision ~ and we ARE moving forward!  We will not disappear into the night

  To be logical, frugal and wise, we have looked at all aspects of our struggle to remain solvent and continue our efforts within the constructs of a normal business model.  Perhaps, based on all aspects that evolve around what a business design should be, we are seeing dramatic short falls in our supply and lack of customer demand. In other words... more supply than demand.  SO.......
  As citizens we need to earn a living and pay our bills, as artists, we cannot halt our creative flow, but do need to design a unique tourniquet, that will allow our ideas and creations to flow into the world, yet stop the debt accrued from purchasing pricey inventory.  Commercially made inventory may look cool and fill shelves, but it gathers dust when we have so few visitors. I hate to dust, I'd rather make earrings!  
  As time passes we will hold a sale now and then on manufactured, slow moving items.  These sales will be reserved strictly within the confines of our brick and mortar store, not on line.  On line marketing is a totally different goat of another color.  We aren't closing our shop, we are evolving.  We will focus on our own creations, and some vintage and antique items along with hard to find Spiritual items.  Art and Antiques and Spiritual Tools are a fine mix for our unusual little shop. 

  This difficult time has thrown a splash of reality on us. Age has crept upon us and the youthful world is racing by.  We didn't see this coming, we have been creating and playing and holding fun events, all the while time has been sculpting lines on our faces and turning our hair silver.  Such a gradual thing that we never noticed, until this last cold splash woke us up!
  Sacred Sparks will continue to be a truly unique shop in the area. Our jewelry, sculpture, assemblages, drawings, watercolors and other odd creations that call out to your psyche, will remain and grow.  We, Jerry and I will solely fill our little gallery to maximum capacity.

So many good folks have expressed dismay that we might close our shop. It's nice to know we are appreciated and loved and we thank everyone so much for the endearing support that has been extended to us.
 If you are reading these words and live in close proximity,  why not bless us by stopping by,  you may catch a great deal, find a treasure hand made by us, and have a really fun time.  We have a great back yard to offer for your experience.  Walk our Labyrinth or visit the Faerie Paths.  Bring your visiting friends and family.  The beautiful Jordan River is only a 1/4 of a mile from us.  Great canoeing and fishing is to found in this Jordan River Valley. 
   Like our page on Face Book and you can stay current with what is happening here at our little recycled shop nestled in the verdant valley. 
                         Blessings to Everyone!

Sacred Sparks is the studio of the artists


Linda Beers-Aydlott 


Jerry Aydlott 

of East Jordan, Michigan

At the center of our Labyrinth.

5070 Mt. Bliss Rd. East Jordan, Mi. Phone 231-536-2704