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  • Looking in...
    Looking in...
  • Sculpture display
    Sculpture display
  • Shelf Display
    Shelf Display
  • Earthly Delights
    Earthly Delights
  • The Realm of the Goddess
    The Realm of the Goddess
  • Spiraling into the Center Earrings
    Spiraling into the Center Earrings
  • Grand Mother Moon
    Grand Mother Moon
  • Midnight Bunny
    Midnight Bunny
  • Angel in the Heavens
    Angel in the Heavens
  • Catching Star Dust
    Catching Star Dust
  • Angel of the East Wind
    Angel of the East Wind
  • Kitty in the Window
    Kitty in the Window
  • The Maiden and the Unicorn
    The Maiden and the Unicorn
  • Lotus of Enlightenment
    Lotus of Enlightenment
  • Leaf Hopper
    Leaf Hopper
  • Old Owl
    Old Owl
  • Moon Fairy earrings
    Moon Fairy earrings
  • Geese in the Rain
    Geese in the Rain
  • Butterfly collection of Necklace, Barrette, and Decorative Comb
    Butterfly collection of Necklace, Barrette, and Decorative Comb
  • Dragons Afoot!
    Dragons Afoot!
  • Drawing down the Moon
    Drawing down the Moon
  • Sacred Sparks at midnight
    Sacred Sparks at midnight
  • Gaia
  • Moon Rise in the Cattails
    Moon Rise in the Cattails
  • Owl you elegant Fowl!
    Owl you elegant Fowl!
Looking in...
Looking in...

Shop our Galleries of hand crafted items made in our Jordan Valley Studio, Explore our Photographic Art and Metal Sculpture for sale,  visit our Etsy shop, or stop by and see us at our Studio Store!

~Welcome April~      
MARCFull Moon coming and the Frogs are starting to sing.  If the 35' temps would just warm up a bit I'd be  Taking my shoes off!  I need to feel my blessed Mama Earth again.  I miss Her mud and moss between my toes.
 Don't forget to sign up for emails from us.  We don't send out a lot, but we do have the May Day Benifit  coming up on May 9th.  You will want to know more about that.
The Spring Cleaning Binge has resulted in - YUP - a clean and tidy studio.  I am now making jewelry and other cool things like mad.   ~ ~ ~
Linda went nuts and revamped our entire Ritual Kit Line.  She added more titles of Purpose, upgraded the Ritual Scroll and added a unique Amulet to enhance and strengthen your ceremony.  These special crafted Amulets accompany the intentional votive and incense enclosed in each kit.  The Amulets are beautiful and meant to be a lasting treasure for time to come.  Why not take advantage of my labor and buy one for yourself.  These are made for the total unknowing novice, to Sage practitioner. Ritually Blessed and Reiki Charged for the GOOD of ALL. ~ work for a better future.  Blessed Be 
♡ ˜”*°•☽O☾•°*˜” ♡.
(These little gems are currently not available in our Etsy shop, only here)

See these new beauties here. ...  RITUAL KITS for good purpose

Sacred Sparks is the studio of artists


Linda Beers-Aydlott 


Jerry Aydlott 

of East Jordan, Michigan

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