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Michigan made magickal art items

Who We Are

~ About Us ~


You have journeyed your way to Sacred Sparks. A tiny funky cool art studio - show room in Northern Michigan.  It is here where our hands, art, magick, and bliss swirl together creating a truly sacred space! You will feel the vibes immediately.

We are a family of three: Jerry, Linda, and Aaron, and our special family members Gris-Gris Long Fur Roofwalker, and little Malikin Silvertoes, our feline entertainers.

What do we do here at Sacred Sparks?  

We make things, it is our passion and our way of paying bills.  Our creations are our expression and offering of Love, for giving back for the beautiful Blessings bestowed upon us.  We are hopeful for a tomorrow filled with Beauty, Peace, and Well Being for all of Spirit's creation. 

Please enter the pages offered here to view a small part of our world, or visit in person to experience it in full panoramic splendor. 

Take a peek at our Gallery pages, of work made in our “Jordan Valley Studio” in the beautiful Jordan River Valley. If you see something you like, you can make a purchase here through PayPal, or jump to our Etsy Shop that has even more, but not the same.

  If you have any comments, questions, thoughts to share please contact us via facebook.

Things change, we can't stop creating ... We hope to see you often!  Expect a hug and big smiles if you visit our shop.  

If you would like to stay updated on new happenings at Sacred Sparks,  follow us on facebook or twitter.

5070 Mt. Bliss Rd. East Jordan, Mi. 49727  Phone 231-536-2704