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                                                   ~ ANNOUNCEMENTS ~  

This is the place to learn what is "Happening" at Sacred Sparks...  Special Events, Sales, Delightful and Rare Offerings, or other Magickal Occurrences and Ephemeral Affairs. 

( Photo ~ Malikin Silver Toes.. telling it like it is, with GrisGris Longfur looking on in the background)


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Sacred Sparks on Etsy ....   •L☮vE‿❥~

If, for some odd reason, you haven't visited our Etsy shop lately, how about now?  Linda has added a lot of new works, just finished, and oh so pretty.  Wouldn't you like to wear or give a one of a kind pair of earrings?  Go check out our little shop there.  We know you will love what you see, and it's priced right with FREE Shipping too! 

The 2017 May Celebration and Benefit for the Women's Resource Center of Northern Michigan will not be held this year.  We are deeply sorry to report that events beyond our control and financing is playing a factor in our ability to host this wonderful happy event.

  We thank everyone who has attended in the past and donated to such a worthy cause.  We THANK all the bands, musicians, TC Drummers, artists and crafts people, psychic readers, and Happy's Taco Shop, for being the wonderful building blocks that brought so much talent, colorful beauty and happy vibes to celebrate the awakening of our precious Earth.  We thank the Northern Michigan Pagans for helping with set up, facilitating the Earth Honoring Ritual, and setting up the May Pole.  It was a wonderful 13 year run, and every year better than the one previous.  Good memories to cherish.  We sadly say farewell, and send everyone Blessings of Love, Hope, Beauty, Peace, Prosperity and Health.  

Thank you for remembering us! 

We are eagerly looking forward to seeing you again, or meeting you for the first time.  We are a bit off the beaten path, but we are not hard to find.

The loss of our directional sign on October 5, 2015, at the corners of Mt. Bliss, Rogers Road, and M-32, happened over a couple of years ago.  We have felt that loss with a large drop in customer visits and revenue over the summer. 

We want to remind everyone that our shop is still open.  If you cannot remember our exact location, please know that we are registered on Google Maps, Yelp, and we have a map link here on this web site.  You can call us for directions too at 231-536-2704.  Your visits are crucial to our small business life.  We are trying to keep our doors open any way we can.  Please keep us in your thoughts when it comes time to purchase gifts for any reason.  We have a lot to share.  Thank you so very much.

HUGE DISCOUNTS on some incredible detailed bronze component Celtic sculptures.  We have three that retailed for $285.00 and are currently priced at $85.00, 70% OFF!!!!. 

They are beautiful and stand at least 12 inches tall.  This one shown is Lugh and would be a wonderful altar piece.   

Not for sale on our site here, we cannot ship them, you have to pick them up in person.  They are very heavy pieces. 

These piece have all been SOLD!  Our thanks to our customers for supporting us.  Blessed Be

When you come to visit, you will find lots of new cool vintage items that we are adding weekly.  These fine pieces are from our own personal collection. 

At our age it is time to down size and now is a good time to do that. 

This awesome kinetic Whale piece is one of those incredible works that you will find on display.  He swings through the ocean waves, like a pendulum, and his eyes move as his mouth opens and closes.  This fine piece is no longer produced and has become a coveted collectible.

He is a steal at $85.00 with his original box!  Originally $135.00.

  All of our vintage items are priced to sell and make you happy.   When our customers are happy, we are happy.   When you are in need of an over the top, cool gift, check out Sacred Sparks for the best   quality, unique art, antiques and collectibles from Sacred Sparks!

This wonderful piece has been SOLD!  Thank you so much!


Of course you will find some of what we offer on this web site, but you will find even more in our Etsy Shop

You will find the best selection in our cute little recycled store on 5070 Mount Bliss Road, here in the beautiful Jordan River Valley of East Jordan, Michigan.  Why not come visit and see all that we have made?  We do so much that it is hard to stop and take photos and then list it on the Internet.  We have no employees to designate tasks, so we have to use our time wisely.  For Jerry and I (Linda) we feel creating is the best time spent. 

Bringing something totally new into the world from scraps found in odd places or from raw metals and beautiful stones is more important than sitting in front of a monitor.  I am sure you would agree, and even more so after you visit to see what we have accomplished with our hands.  

Working here in our little studio is peaceful and keeps us away from the maddening society that exists out there in the scary cruel world.  Since we still have bills to pay we must earn a living, that is where our beloved customers come in.  When you stop by our little shop, we will share our secret world with you, and you can take away something precious with some fond memories too.  As we age we are becoming more reclusive and find it is safest right here at Sacred Sparks.

(photo is of our first sign when we opened our doors on August 6, 1994.)

January 2016 is quickly reminding us that Winter is not so gentle after all.  Cold temps and lots of lake effect snow, is keeping everyone in Northern Michigan, very busy.  We are laying low with events and activities here.  Just keeping the snow out of the driveway and off the sidewalk and roofs is keeping our family busy.  The wood stove is perking nicely in the studio, and you are most welcome to come visit our little store.  Just call ahead so we can make sure we will be here to greet you and the shop is warmed.  We have so much to share with you, hope you will stop by soon!

Just as the circle of life is clearly shown above... we realize that nothing escapes that process.  We will be making a major announcement soon.  We hope you will stay connected to learn of what is happening at our humble Brick and Mortar Shop.


WOMEN'S BLUE MOONMEET - Friday, July 31st, 2015.. 7:00 PM

This coming July 31st ... we will host our first WOMEN'S MOONMEET, for 2015.  It's not often we can hold such a unique gathering for women.  Blue Moon's are rare and wonderful in their energy, and magickal offerings.

  We hope if you live near by that you will mark this on your to do list.  Let us know you are coming so we can plan for seating,  ritual needs and give always.  This event is being facilitated by two dear friends, so we are especially excited.  I don't know the theme yet, but as soon as I do, I will announce it here.

  NOTE~  The dear ladies that were going to facilitate this event, are unable to do so.  So I can tell you that we are going to have a fun ceremony, that will offer each woman an empowered amulet to take home with her.  I have the special beads ordered, and they should arrive in the next few days.  Please don't forget to let me know how many will be attending.  I want everyone to have one of these very unique treasures to call their own.

  We will gather around the Fire Circle at 7:00 PM.

  What you will need to bring .... warm jacket for a cool evening, bug repellant, a snack to share with all the ladies, a beverage of your choice, and a chair.  We have benches and a few chairs.  We will also provide a beverage punch, plates, cups and plastic ware. 

This event is FREE.  We will graciously accept your 'love' donation to help offset the costs of holding such an event.... THANK YOU!

We look forward to sharing some empowering sacred time with you.   Don't forget our little shop has a magickal door that will open for you on request!  (after the ceremony, of course.)

(painting shown "Moon Gathering' by Nikki Strange)  Yah, I know, I love it too... many Kudos and Thanks to the artist.



We had an incredible evening of Spiritual Fun.  Photos are now posted on our FaceBook fan page.  Come like our page and keep up to date.  If we had your email, you could get a direct notice of what's happening. Just sayin'.

FULL MOON GATHERING ~ Wednesday ... 7:00 - 11:00 PM ... July 1st, 2015

FULL MOON GATHERING at Sacred Sparks.... 7:00 to 11:00 PM ╭•დ•••~•☽☆*~•
Next Wednesday ~ JULY 1st will mark the 'first' FULL MOON in July.
~*☆☾•~ This is an open event for women and men. We will build a bonfire, have a short Ceremony that will waft into stories, singing, music, drumming, what ever. We haven't held a Moon Gathering in a year, so it's time.
~*☆☾•~Bring a snack to share, your choice of beverage, chair of preference, (we have some benches), warm clothes, bug dope, guitars, drums, rattles, lets have some freaking full moon fun!
~*☆☾•~Contact us or Give us a call so we can plan how many will grace the fire circle, and for more information if you need it. ~ 1-231-536-2704
~*☆☾•~ So far the weather has been perfect, and the distant forecast looks good for Wednesday the 1st. 

~• *☆~•~O~ The Moon breaks the horizon here just before 9:00 PM.

~• *☆~•☽°~O~O~°☾•~☆*•~July is a special month for that beautiful orbiting object. There are two Full Moons in July, with the second rising on July 31st ~ a rare "Blue Moon". ~• *☆~•☽°~O~O~°☾•~☆*•~

We have to sadly announce that The Sunday afternoon Tarot with Tod Brown will end with the June 28th, 2015 Session.  Unforeseen circumstances have arisen that Tod needs to attend to.  Hopefully he will be back soon, and you will be the first to know.  Thanks for your support and to all the folks that reserved readings from Tod.  He will be back, we hope soon.


Sunday afternoon Tarot with Tod Brown

For this summer we are thrilled to offer Intuitive Tarot Readings by Tod Brown of Wizard Works North. 
  Tod has been working with the Tarot for over 35 years, and has built a solid and respectable reputation for his in depth accuracy and perspective.  We have created a small, private nook in our Gallery Room where these sessions will take place.  Of course advance paid appointments will insure Tod's presence here.  He lives a good distance from Sacred Sparks and the time and expense for travel needs to be guaranteed, thus the call for advance appointments.  If Tod is already present during this time on Sunday afternoon, walk in appointments are possible, if he has a time slot available.  You can call us to find out if this is possible on any particular Sunday afternoon ...1:00 - 5:30 PM 231-536-2704.
Tod will offer
1/2 hour private sessions for $25.00 or
1 hour for $50.00
He also offers distance readings via phone sessions through his Etsy Shop
We hope you will participate in this new 'Happening' in our shop.  Your participation will keep this on our list of services for our customers.  It's difficult to find talented Intuitive Readers, We are honored that Tod has agreed to take on new clients at Sacred Sparks. 

                   ~ WELCOME SPRING!  ~


12th Annual May Day Benefit ~ Saturday, May 9th, 2015 ~ 1 1 AM - 5:30 PM

The May Day Celebration is not far away.  We, here at Sacred Sparks, are looking forward to frolicking in the Sun Shine for a change.  Winter was brutal.
  This year the May Day Celebration will be held on Saturday, May 9th, from 11 AM to 5:30 PM.  It continues to be a benefit for the Petoskey Women's Resource Center Safe House.  So please bring items to donate like non-perishable foods, paper products, toiletries, laundry needs, diapers etc.  They are happy to accept cash donations for perishable foods as well.  Your loving help will go a long way in sustaining this viable resource in the community.  They have helped so many in critical life crises.  Thank you for your generosity.
  This year we will hear five fabulous bands, who are generously donating their time to the WRC.  Without them this event would not be nearly so happy and vibrant... so please show your love for the music... buy a CD or donate the equivalent in cash to cover their travel and talent and time and costs. There will be donation baskets for your offering. Thank You!

 This year you will be toe tapping with: Medicine Bell, Michelle Chenard, RealEyez from Natural Reaction, Ribo and the Flavinauts, and The Vermeers.  Northern Michigan has lots of talented musical  groups, and we are just bursting with joy that they are blessing the May Day Benefit. A whole day full of great music to welcome Spring in the very best way ever!.
  The Traverse City Drummers will also bless the event with their incredible talent that projects a deep, soul moving Earthy Beat.  We also will see a beautiful new group of dancers called Pure.  You will not be able to sit still with the drumming and dancing. 

  The May Pole dance will again be the highlight.  It is an ancient pagan tradition of weaving ribbons of promise around a tall pole.  It signifies a lot, but especially sealing a promise of fertile gardens, warm sun and rain, to produce a good crop to feed our families.

  Happy's Taco Shop will be here again to serve up some really delicious, healthy and reasonably priced food.  They sold out last year!  They plan to stock lots more supplies for this year.  There were many hungry people at this event.  Everybody loves Happy's Taco's! 

  Our Vendor Village is a wonderful addition to May Day festivities.  This year we are featuring local talents offering beautiful, quality handmade items you can purchase.  You will find delightful art, crafts, herbal specialties, soaps and lotions and more.  You will find a loving unique souvenir to keep or give.  Reiki healers will also be here to heal and soothe away stress.  This is the best opportunity to buy a gift for your Mom for Mother's Day on May 10th. 

There will also be some very talented Psychic Readers to help you sort out questions, answers and insight to future needs.  The readers were busy last year, arrive early for your chance to receive a Reading.

  Don't forget that the vendors are also donating a portion of their sales to the WRC.  So your purchases will go a long way in helping the vendors and the Safe House.

  We all love our animal friends, but please leave your pets safe at home on May 9th. 

   This year we are short on funding for hosting this event.  If you could Please bring a small donation to help pay for expenses ... like the Porta-John and ribbons for the May Pole.  There will be a donation can for this in our shop - Sacred Sparks. We don't ask for much for this day of family fun, entertainment and happy camaraderie to welcome Spring. We deeply appreciate any help you can offer. Thank You very much!  Don't forget Sun Protection, Hats, chairs or blankets.  It will be a beautiful sunny day! 

   (If you have questions on attending, exhibiting, directions etc...  call us at 1-231-536-2704)

.....See our poster below. Copy and post everywhere in Northern Michigan!....


As Yule approaches we here at Sacred Sparks can feel the excitement grow.  We have learned to acclimate to the short, dark days but with the knowing of that ending, and see each day beyond the Winter Solstice become a bit longer is worthy of Joy.  This is the time to put your Yule log on the fire to burn all night.  It will keep you warm and represents the promise of our Earth turning a bit closer to Summers warmth and promise of a fertile garden and full larder to get us, once again, through winter's harsh and unforgiving weather.

Those who live in the cities and suburbs, don't experience the old ways of our ancestors, but there is always reason to rejoice for the returning Light and warmer days.  Christmas falls at this time of year as well, and it is obvious why.  There is nothing wrong with hold Joy in your heart with the expectation of a Divine Promise.  We are all ONE when it comes to Life on Planet Earth.
 May you and your family be Blessed this season. ♡ ˜”*°•☽O☾•°*˜” ♡.

The ancient holiday of Samhain or All Hallow's Day, or Halloween is now history.  We move into the Pagan New Year. 

  Snow was on the Jack O Lanterns, and the little kids were all bundled up, hiding their costumes, as was the case last year.  A chilly reminder of what is to come.  

    I just wanted to add this note because this year seemed extra special.  I was blessed to be visited by a beloved friend from the other side!  It meant so much to me, and was very real,very vivid, even though in a dream.  

  I take it as a message of Love and a note to me that all is well and not to worry.  Fret I will do however.  Any time a dearly beloved friend leaves our human company to the world of the Spirit, they are to be missed.  There is nothing like a warm, squeazy HUG to seal a moment of affection.  That is no longer an option and I am sad for that... but to receive a hug in a dream is just about as good.  I plan to send love to the Spirit world often, I know it will be received as eagerly there. 

For now I will wrap that memory around my shoulders and get back to November work.  .... Peace and love .... Linda

Happy Halloween to all!

We here at Sacred Sparks are in the mood.  In fact it never leaves us.  We love our orange and purple fairy lights so much that they never come down!  LED's use less energy than normal lights, and offer a great faery glow to our home.

 Samhain is our most favorite time of the year because it brings us close to those we love, those who have made their journey over the veil.  Just because we can't hug them on a material level, doesn't mean that they are not near.  Their loving spirit will live long in our hearts and memories.  We owe so much to them and what they offered to our lives.  How can we ever forget what a beloved did for us, how they made us laugh, cry, dream, yearn?  The answer is, we can't, and should never forget.  So for us, Samhain is everyday of the year!  When October 31st midnight, comes round we can send over even more LOVE to let them know their wisdom and strength were valuable in so many ways into the future.

   Now is a great time to build an altar, or place of honor for those close to us.  Pull out some photos, choose something that they liked or reminds you of them.  Add a candle and keep it lit especially on Samhain night.  Burn some incense or smudge.  Talk to them like they are there listening, because they are.  Let them feel your love and gratitude.  If the seasonal trick and treating is a part of your evening, you can move your ceremony to the 30th or the 1st easily and accomplish both.  Let your children know what Samhain is all about.  Don't loose the sacred in this very special time of year.  Blessed Be 

~ What a wonderful Mabon Gathering! ~ September 21, 2014
We were blessed with a beautiful group of people at this year's Celebration.  We called the Four Quarters and the Welsh God - Mabon, and the Greek Goddess - Demeter, to offer their energies and guidance to our Ritual. After a short meditation, we walked the Labyrinth, where a single note chime was carefully place at the beginning of each of the seven paths.  Each chime was the pure note associated for that path and the Chakra Energy Center on our bodies.  The notes were perfectly tuned to actually wash away all negativity and attune us to perfect balance. Starting with the Root Chakra and moving up to the Crown.  By the time each participant reached the center of the Labyrinth all our Chakras had been retuned and balanced.  We were thus ready to meet the coming darkening days with a happy soul and good energy to face the labor that winter prepping demands of us.
 It was a beautiful sight to see all the people stopping and striking the chimes.  All the varied notes coming together and sounding like Faerie Music... it was so cleansing and balancing.  As each person left the Labyrinth they were given an apple as a symbol of the season and the beauty found in nature. The Circle was closed in the traditional way and everyone enjoyed the potluck feast following. Welcome Autumn!

What is a Mabon Ceremony?  ...

☽☆҉~Mabon  is the Autumnal Equinox,.  The Autumn Equinox is the time when day and night are equal in time. It usually falls sometime between September 21st or 23rd and marks the time between Litha, also known as the Summer Solstice (the longest day), and Yule, the Winter Solstice (longest night). This year - 2014, Mabon falls on September 22nd at 10:29 PM.
☽☆҉Mabon, is pronounced MAY-bun, MAY-bone, MAH-boon, or MAH-bawn.  It is a Wiccan Sabbat Festival, when we gather to give thanks for the past growing season, and recognizing that the season of plenty is diminishing towards the dark of the coming winter.
☽☆҉~Mabon is a festival that precedes the high Holiday of Samhain, or the Wiccan New Year, when the veil is thinnest between the realm of the living and those who have crossed over.  This is a time to finish old business of the past growing season and prepare for a period of rest, and reflection.