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Michigan made magickal art items

                                                   ~ ANNOUNCEMENTS ~ 

( Photo ~ Malikin Silver Toes.. telling it like it is, with GrisGris Longfur looking on in the background)



................We are shrinking our site to a size we can better manage..................


January 1, 2018 ~ We are winding things down here on our web site. There is coming a time in the very near future, when you will best find us only on Face Book and Etsy, or, of course, in our store.  We will keep a small page going here, to send you to our places of activity.  With the eradication of 'Net Neutrality', and unfortunate events that continue to burden our way of life, we find it best to cave to the signs being shown.  We are sad we must do this, but infrastructure failings and thieves have brought us to this place where we cling by our nails.  We need to protect ourselves and survive to the best of our abilities. We will maintain a small presence                                                                                     here, we aren't disappearing, just shrinking.