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This is the place to learn what is "Happening" at Sacred Sparks...  Special Events, Sales, Delightful and Rare Offerings, or other Magickal Occurrences and Ephemeral Affairs. 

( Photo ~ Malikin Silver Toes.. telling it like it is, with GrisGris Longfur looking on in the background)


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Sparkling December is snuggling in......

I love December and the pure sparkle of snow and icicles.  So far we had a taste of that, back in November.  Today the barren ground and naked trees make us ready and eager to see winter wiggling it's way into our lives here in Northern Michigan.  
We keep the wood stoves warming, and turn the lights on earlier every day.  All of which are reminders that Yule will soon be here.  I do love Yule, mostly for the promise of the returning Light.  It's the affirmation that the Earth lies silent, sleeping, renewing Herself for another bountiful year of color, beauty and lush growth, and Life. 

 It's 5:00 PM as I type here, on December 3rd and the Sun has disappeared behind evening clouds.  The darkness at this hour is an early reminder of the weeks coming.  Each day darker than the previous.  The shadows help me to profoundly know what the Winter Solstice truly represents.  On December 22nd Father Sun will hang around a few short minutes longer, and the return begins.  Yes, there will be some very cold days and lots of blowing snows but somehow, in knowing our Sun is climbing in the skies, offers me comfort and a deeper sense of knowing the joy a warm Sun can offer.

  That said, I have a drive to create.  I don't know if it's the coming holiday season of Christmas or knowing of celestial events, but I love that tug from the studio.  I am so blessed to have a unique place where I can create the designs that float in my head.  I know that in comparison to other artists who have access to much finer facilities, my studio is humble in many ways.  But, I believe my studio, because of it's humble beginnings, and it's wood heat, offers something far more magickal and unique.  The walls offer many unique found objects and shelves full of containers of materials or cool doodads all waiting for it's final destination in a work made complete.  

  Now if I could find that elusive container that holds the 'time' I need to accomplish all the crazed ideas that sit here within the perimeters of my ever dreaming brain!

  Come visit our little shop, won't you.  Take a peek at what I am doing in the moment.  See you soon!  Blessed Be  

°`°º¤‹•ΣxPΣ☾†•¤˜¨¨˜ª♡ª˜¨¨˜¤•MiRa☾LΣeS•› º°`°

(The Faerie catching Star Dust, is and Art Trading Card I made this past autumn.)

Sacred Sparks on Etsy ....   •L☮vE‿❥~

If, for some odd reason, you haven't visited our Etsy shop lately, how about now?  Linda has added a lot of new works, just finished, and oh so pretty.  Wouldn't you like to wear or give a one of a kind pair of earrings?  Go check out our little shop there.  We know you will love what you see, and it's priced right with FREE Shipping too! 

Thank you for remembering us! 

We are eagerly looking forward to seeing you again, or meeting you for the first time.  We are a bit off the beaten path, but we are not hard to find.

The loss of our directional sign on October 5, 2015, at the corners of Mt. Bliss, Rogers Road, and M-32, happened over a couple of years ago.  We have felt that loss with a large drop in customer visits and revenue over the summer. 

We want to remind everyone that our shop is still open.  If you cannot remember our exact location, please know that we are registered on Google Maps, Yelp, and we have a map link here on this web site.  You can call us for directions too at 231-536-2704.  Your visits are crucial to our small business life.  We are trying to keep our doors open any way we can.  Please keep us in your thoughts when it comes time to purchase gifts for any reason.  We have a lot to share.  Thank you so very much.


Of course you will find some of what we offer on this web site, but you will find even more in our Etsy Shop

You will find the best selection in our cute little recycled store on 5070 Mount Bliss Road, here in the beautiful Jordan River Valley of East Jordan, Michigan.  Why not come visit and see all that we have made?  We do so much that it is hard to stop and take photos and then list it on the Internet.  We have no employees to designate tasks, so we have to use our time wisely.  For Jerry and I (Linda) we feel creating is the best time spent. 

Bringing something totally new into the world from scraps found in odd places or from raw metals and beautiful stones is more important than sitting in front of a monitor.  I am sure you would agree, and even more so after you visit to see what we have accomplished with our hands.  

Working here in our little studio is peaceful and keeps us away from the maddening society that exists out there in the scary cruel world.  Since we still have bills to pay we must earn a living, that is where our beloved customers come in.  When you stop by our little shop, we will share our secret world with you, and you can take away something precious with some fond memories too.  As we age we are becoming more reclusive and find it is safest right here at Sacred Sparks.

(photo is of our first sign when we opened our doors on August 6, 1994.)


The ancient holiday of Samhain or All Hallow's Day, or Halloween is now history.  We move into the Pagan New Year. 

  Snow was on the Jack O Lanterns, and the little kids were all bundled up, hiding their costumes, as was the case last year.  A chilly reminder of what is to come.  

    I just wanted to add this note because this year seemed extra special.  I was blessed to be visited by a beloved friend from the other side!  It meant so much to me, and was very real,very vivid, even though in a dream.  

  I take it as a message of Love and a note to me that all is well and not to worry.  Fret I will do however.  Any time a dearly beloved friend leaves our human company to the world of the Spirit, they are to be missed.  There is nothing like a warm, squeazy HUG to seal a moment of affection.  That is no longer an option and I am sad for that... but to receive a hug in a dream is just about as good.  I plan to send love to the Spirit world often, I know it will be received as eagerly there. 

For now I will wrap that memory around my shoulders and get back to November work.  .... Peace and love .... Linda

Happy Halloween to all!

We here at Sacred Sparks are in the mood.  In fact it never leaves us.  We love our orange and purple fairy lights so much that they never come down!  LED's use less energy than normal lights, and offer a great faery glow to our home.

 Samhain is our most favorite time of the year because it brings us close to those we love, those who have made their journey over the veil.  Just because we can't hug them on a material level, doesn't mean that they are not near.  Their loving spirit will live long in our hearts and memories.  We owe so much to them and what they offered to our lives.  How can we ever forget what a beloved did for us, how they made us laugh, cry, dream, yearn?  The answer is, we can't, and should never forget.  So for us, Samhain is everyday of the year!  When October 31st midnight, comes round we can send over even more LOVE to let them know their wisdom and strength were valuable in so many ways into the future.

   Now is a great time to build an altar, or place of honor for those close to us.  Pull out some photos, choose something that they liked or reminds you of them.  Add a candle and keep it lit especially on Samhain night.  Burn some incense or smudge.  Talk to them like they are there listening, because they are.  Let them feel your love and gratitude.  If the seasonal trick and treating is a part of your evening, you can move your ceremony to the 30th or the 1st easily and accomplish both.  Let your children know what Samhain is all about.  Don't loose the sacred in this very special time of year.  Blessed Be