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Oh Boy... did we have a great event here.  Mindy Taylor of Touch of Bliss Reiki took us on a journey into energy focus and directing.  The whole class and the day itself was like INCREDIBLE!!!!  It is impossible to explain how magickal and up lifting the whole day was.  You would think and 8 hour class would seem like a long time... but with Mindy at the helm the day flowed like the water in our stream not far from where we sat.  Everything was crazy wonderful!  The Attunement at the end was from a place of Beauty, Power and Love... oh so much LOVE.

I can hardly wait for Mindy's Level 2 Reiki class.  Like walking a foot above ground, is all I can say.  Boyant and Beautiful!

If you are Attuned in Level 1, you are eligible to take Mindy's Level 2, just present your Certification at the time of the Class..

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