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Life is so beautiful here in the Jordan River Valley.  We would like to encourage you to come visit and see this area for yourself and maybe find a handmade gift to take home with you.  
We are always thankful for anyone who stops by to see what we have created and for some happy conversation.  The loss of our sign on the M-32 and Rogers Road corner, is proving what a loss it was.  Our visitor traffic is down to just an occassional visitor. Days go by and we see no one.   We hope we can continue to maintain our little shop, for as long as our limited budget allows.  If you love little shops like ours, please let us know that, with a visit.  We are so grateful for our customers.  Blessed Be  

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Just aa quick note of happy dancing here.  We sold a necklace called 'The Faeries Gift', yesterday, to a fine fellow in Wisconsin!   Many thank you's are heading your way along with your new treasure.  THANK YOU!!!! so much! ╰დ╮♡╭დ╯ 

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