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Michigan made magickal art items

Our Jewelry Collections

Welcome to our Jordan Valley Studio.
Here you will find three individual Gallery Rooms.  Each dedicated to a unique Collection of Designs.

Enter the Realm of Faerie... Brooch with door that opens and safe storage pedestal, designed and made by Linda and Jerry.
The three collections, in drop down boxes, represent the designs we create here in our Jordan Valley Studio.  They are three price ranges, and offer three various design origin techniques.  The Deepening Mind Collection is our rare and wonderful, one of a kind work.  Some were designed to be intricate and some evolved way beyond it's intended design, because I got carried away. 

Our art has a Spiritual thread that runs through the designs.  You will see it quickly after perusing the Galleries.  We live close to the Earth here and walk an eclectic path in beliefs.  The one leading focus in all we do and express here is LOVE.

Jerry and I hope you will enjoy looking at what we create in our humble studio and will choose a piece that represents your heartfelt goals in your life's journey ~ adopting it as your own personal statement for the world.  

Don't forget Jerry's Photo Art revealing moments of pure magick, and the Garden Spirit Sculpture page of designs in steel, copper, and bronze. 
                        Blessings of Love and Light to you ... Linda and Jerry


    Going with the Flow .... or How an idea becomes reality. 

If you have ever visited our studio, you may remember the clutter and the many projects in process, set out on various benches, seats and even the floor.

Creative minds are constantly in thought action.  That means that we live in a flow of ideas, designs and then the engineering of that design. It is a constant marvel what simple life experience can present to us, like in a shadow image on a sidewalk, a piece of rust found in a parking lot, an oddly shaped stick or hunk of wood, or left over metal pieces from a completed work, laying haphazardly on a bench, can all lead into a new and exciting design.

Once an idea or design has planted itself into my head, a sketch book then comes in very handy.  Laying out a multiple layered piece, like the work you see above, starts with the idea in my, (Linda), mind.  Then the idea is formed into reality with a drawing.  After much thought on the construction of the design into a three dimensional work, the actual engineering of it's creation begins.  Sometimes back stepping is in order to make it work, but with careful thought and a little past experience thrown in, the idea is transformed into a tangible, touchable work of art.

I know that many people, when viewing what I create, get some ideas themselves for something specific that they want.  I am sorry to report that I am very, allow me to reiterate that~ VERY, reluctant to take on special orders.  I have so many of my own designs waiting to push into reality and lots of life happening around me, that I cannot ignore.  You can ask, but you must understand, that If I do accept your request, it may take many months to a year or more to come into reality.

   All special orders are quoted at prices that reflect this... higher.  I am not trying to be snooty here, but at my age I have learned a few things.  One of them is I really prefer to create what is in my head and not someone else's.  My personal creative flow is interrupted, and my ground to Goddess energy muddied.

  I so hope that no offense is taken in my stance of being reluctant towards special requests. I feel it best to speak truth here, rather than disappoint someone with my procrastination.  Now you know. •L☮vE¸.´`❥ ˜”*°•.¸.☆*´☽  

The drawing below is a preliminary sketch for a watercolor I was working on.




Sketch for a water color, by Linda.