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Michigan made magickal art items


Unique Jewelry Creations 
               By Artist/Designers ~ Linda Beers-Aydlott & Jerry Aydlott             ...from our Jordan Valley Studio

☆*~ The Dancing Heart Collection ¸.´`❥ ˜”*°•.¸.☆*´☽

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Our Dancing Heart Collection~ features work that brings joy, setting the heart free to dance and manifest its power - Love!  

Even though we may make more than one, each is unique and different, because we create them completely ourselves, here in our Jordan Valley Studio. 

When you purchase our designs, you will receive it wrapped delightfully, in the 'Sacred Sparks' way. ¸.´`❥ ˜”*°•.¸.☆*´☽

Jack O' Lantern brooch ~ I make this little fellow from Copper, textured, pierced and tooled he turns into a cute pin to wear on your lapel, purse, hat, or scarf.  Or give him as a happy October gift.

$22.00 with FREE Shipping in the USA.  Canadian customers ask for shipping cost to you.  No International sales at this time.

Just click on the "BUY  NOW" link and follow the directions on Pay Pal.  Your new little pin will arrive all wrapped and pretty just for you.  Thank you so much! 

 Heart in Hand Pin.THE POWER IS IN YOUR HANDS! A pin to remind us of what is most important in Life.

I love creating this edition piece, because of the Message, and it's rich color.
The Hand is cut from textured Copper with attached shiny Brass Heart to gleam against the oxidized browns, blues, purples of Copper.

A piece like this will likely become a favorite, whether you keep it, or give it as a gift. It has a way of growing into your Heart and Spiritual beliefs. I think it is wonderful that art and Spirit can come together on a plane of Love. It is also perfect for the Healer in your life. Be it a Massage Therapist, Therapeutic Touch Technician, or Reiki Practitioner, this makes a loving gift that speaks volumes.  "It's not what you say, or the path that you walk, BUT whether or not, you walk your talk!"

It measures 1 1\2" by 2", and can be hung from a cord as a pendant, as well as used as a pin.

Please remember that I make these from raw metal. There is no way that any two can be exactly the same. That is the Beauty and Truth of Handmade by human hands. Please allow for subtle differences and know that you have something unique.

All jewelry will arrive in a colorful little package with 'Sacred Sparklies' and a Blessing! Tied with a colorful bit of yarn.

Price ~ $22.00  FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA! ~ CANADIAN CUSTOMERS CONTACT US PRIOR TO PURCHASE for shipping costs to your area... Thanks!  Click on the BUY NOW button to take you to Pay Pal, then follow their instructions.  We ship in 2-4 business days.

Spiraling into the Center ......

Spiraling into the Center .... Earrings to celebrate Life and our personal journey.
The ear wires are handmade Sterling Silver ~ the metal of the Moon.  They connect with heavy gauge hammer forged Copper Spirals ~ the metal of Earth. 
Our personal Life journey is Sacred.  We are each learning and becoming wise throughout our experiences. Enlightenment is the goal.
These hang 1 1/2 Inches long and are accompanied with small rubber stops to protect against loss.

 Price  $38.00  Ships FREE to our USA customers.

* Canadian Customers CONTACT US prior to purchase for shipping to your region. 


                                          'Our Voice, Our Actions' Earrings ...

Allow our actions to speak for humanity. 'HARM NONE" is a potent two word phrase. Let us all live by the Great Wisdom from our Ancestors. These earrings speak loud and clear what we personally believe and live by. Our actions come through our heart. ~ PEACE ~

Oxidized Copper hands sport a tiny silvery Pentagram with bronze and cobalt glass bead accents. They hang from sterling wires about 2 1/4" long. The beautiful hues achieved by oxidizing the hands gives them a Magickal Earthly look that will draw many complements. Entirely handmade by me.  

The Pentagram represents the four directions - East, West, North, South, above/below. The five elements of life as we know it here on Earth, is also represented - Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and the fifth being of the greatest importance of all is SPIRIT. Your actions, what you do, what you say, and yup, what you think affect everyone's world, especially yourself. Lead by POSITIvE EXAMPLE....Blessed Be....

FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA! ~Thanks for purchasing from an American Woman Artist.

Canadian CUSTOMERS ~ contact me for cost to your door - Read our Shipping and Store Policies Page prior to placing your order. 

                    Sister Moon Earrings....

The Goddess is Alive....Magick is Afoot!

SISTER MOON is my title for these earrings. We women are all connected to the Moon. She smiles down upon us with Her silver glow, reminding us we are all connected through the feminine aspect. Our menses are the same cycle as the Moon, 29 days. There is no man in the moon, never was, never will be. She is ours and ours alone, our Sister Moon! The guys have the Father Sun for their aspect.

The Moon is gentle, Peace Loving, and full of unseen power. Look at what She does to our oceans! That's amazing power. We are 85% water, our bodies I mean, we too are tugged by Her Full Moon energies. Potent Magick can be made by a Full Moon.

I create these from beautiful brass stampings. They hang about 2 inches long from the top of the sterling silver ear wire. I balled the end and strung all of the elements onto this. The cobalt glass beads add a touch of the night sky with a tiny silver star to finish it off.

I have been making this style of earring for 15 years and they still are a popular design in my Moon and Star series. Elegant and attention grabbers, if you love the night, you will love these.

I have these in stock and ready to ship. I am offering all my beloved * USA * customers a special of FREE SHIPPING. I will pay for the First Class Mail shipping and wrap them up beautifully with sparkles, and blessings.

Canadian CUSTOMERS~ interested in purchasing my work... please contact me prior to purchase, so I can determine shipping costs to you... thank you very much! 

Read our Shipping and Store Policies Page before ordering.

 $20.00 shipped FREE in the USA. 

                                A Joyful Dragonfly ...

A Joyful Dragonfly  ....  Sterling Silver hammered spiral post earrings hold a Little Dragonfly to flutter below. Their  brilliant, sparkling, iridescent green Swarovski crystal beads catch the light, just like the slender bodies of the Green Darners.  They hang 1 1/4" long.
Allow the joy, wonder and beauty of the Dragonfly to enter your heart.  Just as they catch our eye as they dart about in evening light, catching insects in mid flight, they bring the admirer as sense of awe in their delicate and elusive nature.  We are so blessed to be residents of Mother Earth.       Ships FREE in the USA.

* CANADIAN Customers CONTACT US prior to purchase for shipping cost to your region. 

Price  $22.50 USD

MAGICK IN MY HANDS... earrings I have designed to echo our connections to Spirit. The beauty of the Cosmos is seen each time we gaze into the night sky. The Magick of the moment surrounds us, we each are a tiny part of that. These earrings try to convey that thought form.

Because we each are a part of that Magick, The Spirit, we need to know that what we do in words and action are important to ALL of us. The Three Fold Law or Karma, is in action here. What we put out into the world WILL return to us at some point in time. Doesn't it make sense to act with Truth and Good Will, and lead by positive example? If we all followed the Golden Rule, think of what kind of a world we could create! 

These earrings are made from fabric impressed brass sheet, with a tiny star and crescent moon. They hang from sterling silver wires, approximately 1 1/2" long, a perfect length. Completely hand made by me, in my Michigan ~Jordan Valley Studio.  Comes with a little message with purpose.


$24.00 with FREE SHIPPING in USA  ...Thank You! * Canadian Customers CONTACT US prior to purchase for shipping cost to your region.


Little Kitty in the Night.. little pin that will catch many admiring eyes. Perfect for any cat lover, or someone who desires the unique of handmade.

Kitties love the dark of night. Here is one gazing at the moon and stars. I make this in sterling silver with brass artifacts.

This brooch measures approximately 1 1/8" by 1". It is a limited edition piece, and since it is handmade, I can guarantee you it really is a one of a kind. Even though I create multiples of these, no two are ever the same. Signed  dated and accompanied with a little poem of inspiration.  Shown larger than it is... see dimensions above.

~ "Under the stars, in the moon light, a little kitty sits in the night. He wanders and wonders, the awe of it all, the Peace and the Bliss, the Owl's haunting call..... and on... "
Copyrighted by Linda Beers Aydlott     FREE SHIPPING in USA

Canadian Customers ~ contact me prior to purchase to calculate shipping costs.

Price $26.00  To purchase click on the BUY NOW link to go to Pay Pal and then follow their directions.

~ The olde Yule Tree ~

The Olde Yule Tree ~ shines its light into the darkest winter, reminding us of hope in the darkness and the promise of the dawning light.  You can select this tree in Brass with silver star, or Nickle with gold star, or Green laminate with gold star.

Each comes packaged on a card with an envelope, so you can give it as a gift. No wrapping necessary. They measure 2" high and 1 3/4" at the base, and are striking on a coat lapel, favorite hat, or purse flap. The pin back is attached vertically- top to bottom, so you can string a cord or chain through it and wear as a pendant. The Yule Tree is a great gift for a teacher, baby sitter, mail lady, librarian, party hostess, co-worker, or care giver. Each is Signed and dated!

Ships FREE within USA. * Canadian Customers CONTACT US prior to purchase for shipping cost to your region. 

Price  $15.00 USD

Silvery Yule Tree Pin

Golden Yule Tree Pin

Green Yule Tree Pin

~The Oak Talisman~

The Oak Tree Talisman...  The ancient OAK is a tree of Strength and Longevity in mystical beliefs and when you add a Pentagram, a symbol of protection with the power of elemental forces, You have a powerful Talisman!

This pendant is crafted from Copper, the Pentagram is pewter. It hangs from a black, 22 inch cord with a handmade hook and eye clasp. The OAK LEAF is 2" long and 1 1/2" wide. Each Oak Leaf is hand cut, hammered, tooled, buffed and oxidized by my hands!  Signed & dated.. Please allow for subtle differences that is evident with handmade.

Ships FREE in USA 

Canadian Customers CONTACT US prior to purchase for shipping to your region.

Price USD 38.00

Spiral Hoops in Sterling Silver.  These unique and lovely hoops twist into your ear either from the front or back... your choice.  They are hammer forged on my antique anvil.  They fit into a
 1 1/4 inch square. 
You may select shiny sterling, or the tarnished rustic look

Price $27.00 FREE shipping in USA. Canadian customers contact me for shipping

All photos, artwork, and jewelry designs appearing on this site are copyright to Sacred Sparks and Jerry and Linda Aydlott