Michigan made magickal art items

  • The Realm of the Goddess
    The Realm of the Goddess
  • Grand Mother Moon
    Grand Mother Moon
  • Angel in the Heavens
    Angel in the Heavens
  • Lotus of Enlightenment
    Lotus of Enlightenment
  • Old Owl
    Old Owl
  • Moon Fairy earrings
    Moon Fairy earrings
  • Geese in the Rain
    Geese in the Rain
  • Butterfly collection of Necklace, Barrette, and Decorative Comb
    Butterfly collection of Necklace, Barrette, and Decorative Comb
  • Dragons Afoot!
    Dragons Afoot!
  • Drawing down the Moon
    Drawing down the Moon
  • Sacred Sparks at midnight
    Sacred Sparks at midnight
  • Looking in...
    Looking in...
The Realm of the Goddess
The Realm of the Goddess

WELCOME!  You have found Sacred Sparks on the Web!  
A magickal experience because we believe in beauty, faeries, magick and art.  Our Jordan Valley Studio is a humble place, where we create jewelry, and art of odd kinds. 
East Jordan, Michigan
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 The year has begun.  We welcome 2020, as a year of clear visioning. We hope it will bring everyone Peace, Good Health and Prosperity.  Hope you can find some time to visit our little shop.  We have some lovely wee faeries who have arrived in a flutter.  They are exquisite and will amaze you with the detail and craftsmanship.  Right now we have a fine selection of Tibetan Prayer Flags to blow your prayers for Peace and Prosperity to the world.  Don't forget Smudge to cleanse your home and space of all negativity.  We also have an abundant offering of window chimes and bells to call in the fae and shoo the ner do wells.  Come visit when you can.

Hugs are Free at Sacred Sparks!  GET SOME! 

Don't forget to visit our Face Book page and "Like" it.  You can stay up to date with us there.  I post, or try to post every morning.  You can message me there too, if you have a question.  Our ETSY SHOP is bubbling away, and with your purchase there, you can save a nice chunk of shipping costs, because the shipping is Free on any $35.00 purchase!   

Our little store is ever changing, with new items we have created. Our earring displays are literally dripping with sparkly, one of a kind beauties, and all priced reasonably,  in preparation for gift giving for any holiday or birthday.  We also offer handmade GIFT CERTIFICATES!

We would like to thank the dear people who have visited.  Your purchases and happy conversation embolden us to continue our humble efforts here.

The weather is now interesting.  We hope you can include a sunny day trip to our little shop on Mount Bliss Road, when you are in the area.  Do remember to please call ahead though.  


                                                                  Blessings to all.  



   Your continued support of our small business is deeply appreciated.   We wish you the most wonderful year as it unfurls.  Blessings in abundance to all who are reading this!   


    We encourage you to call ahead of your visit, to make sure we are here to greet you or the shop is warm.   The environment and our budget works to save energy.  Therefore our shop is only heated, when we know customers are coming to visit.   We hope all businesses are of like mind.  Our customers are most important and thus we work for the benefit of all in our approach to Life on our beautiful planet Earth. 

                                     CALL  1-231-536-2704  


Sacred Sparks is special and one of a kind. It is difficult to display all that we offer, here on a website.  We are worth your effort to find us. There is nothing like us anywhere in this crazy busy world. 

You will be greeted with smiles, and happy conversation. You will leave with treasures, hugs, and a deep peaceful feeling.  Where in the world do you find a business like that?  Why Sacred Sparks of course!   If distance from our location is an issue, you can purchase a treasured keepsake from our ETSY Shop?    



Please show your love through your actions.

 Thanks for stopping by.

Sacred Sparks is the studio of the artists


Linda Beers-Aydlott 


Jerry Aydlott 

of East Jordan, Michigan