Michigan made magickal art items

                                                   ~ ANNOUNCEMENTS ~ 

( Photo ~ Malikin Silver Toes.. telling it like it is, with GrisGris Longfur looking on in the background)



Please note that I would love to hear from everyone who comes to visit our little space on the World Wide Web.... but because of limitations... like not having 10 arms or a 72 hour day... I am asking you good souls to venture to our........... Sacred Sparks Face Book Page 

and like my page.  I post every day in the morning, and try to check in the afternoon.  I love to connect with all who take the time to write a comment.  You can also directly connect with me there via a message.  I do not currently have a smart phone so I use my computer to do all this... Internet connections, web site and email..  

I look forward to connecting with you there and I do so hope you will let me know that you are connecting from this Web Site.  It's always nice to know that someone in this world is actually seeing and looking at this site.  It time managing it.  But it is fun, I truly enjoy adding little images and words of what's going on in Northern Michigan.  PEACE   ~*☆☾•~დ╮♡╭დ~•☽☆*~                                                                   11-30-2018

We are currently building a little web store on our site.  Right now it's in process, please be patient while we figure this out.  Thanks!

DECEMBER 2018....  Even snow can be beautiful if you can see it in the perspective of an artist, or a skier.  As you may know there are some really grand ski resorts near us.  When you come up North for the holidays and plan to get some skiing in, don't forget to Google Maps Sacred Sparks to find the way to our shop.  You will be so glad you did.  :)

Yes, we still mourn the loss of our sign on the corner of Mt. Bliss Road and Rogers Road and M-32.  So many depended on seeing that landmark to our shop here on Mt. Bliss.  That empty spot has led folks to think we are closed permanently.  Not the case.  We do exist and would sure love to have you come visit.  Call ahead please.. 231-536-2704. We do not want to miss you.

( Art by Harford Courteir. )                                                        º°`° ☽•L♡vE‿❀~•°*”☽☆.:*~PeA☾e~♡╭დ~•HUGஜ

Just a note to all the folks who have followed us here on our Web Site.  Being the small, 2 person business that we are, and Jerry does none of the Internet anything, I Linda, have decided to respectfully connect with me on our Face Book Page.  I go there almost every morning, and read every ones comments.  I also respond!  It is just too demanding of my precious time to try to maintain communications from here and also there.  So I do hope you understand and will reach me on Face Book.  Thanks so much... Now I am off to the studio where I need to be!  I have so much to do.  
.•L☮vE¸.´`❥ ˜”*°•.¸.☆*´☽~*  ~☆☾•~დ╮♥╭დ~•☽☆~ .•L☮vE¸.´`❥ ˜”*°•.¸.☆*´☽~*  

(earrings of a simple nature and reasonable ($12.50), if you would like a pair, let me know and I will list them here.) 

................We are ALIVE & WELL!  Our shop still sparks with the unique! ...............


OCTOBER 2018  
Our tiny shop is packed full with wonderful things, not to find anywhere else in this world... because we made them.  We have backed off from holding events here.  We are getting old and folks already have so many festivals and events on their roster, we know it's difficult to fit in too many.  So, instead, we keep our little shop stocked with cool stuff that will dazzle your eyes when you walk in.  But one thing you need to remember..... if you want to be dazzled you absolutely HAVE to come visit us!  Bring your friends and family, make us a rendezvous destination.  The beautiful and relaxing Jordan River is near by, with great canoe trips and trout fishing.   See you soon .... 


April 1, 2018 ~ We are seeing some renewed interest in our shop.  Customers are returning to find things they can't find anywhere else.  To us, that is very encouraging.  As a result of more activity and interest, Jerry and I have decided to continue our humble shop and web site.  We have plans to add some unique inventory beyond what we create, and more of what we do make! 


Next time you visit our shop, you will see these additions.  It's nice to be surprised with new and wonderful offerings.  You won't find glitzy gizzmo imported stuff.  We only offer items that will spark your heart with Love, Peace, and Creativity, and not to forget Joy and Beauty, also very important!   All is Fair priced with high craftsmanship, qualities you don't find much in the world of mass produced, trendy, over packaged products, but you will here at Sacred Sparks.  We recycle boxes, and packaging as much as possible.  We don't cut back on our Love for our customers. 

Stay tuned for announcements of new items coming to the shelves at Sacred Sparks!  ♡˜”*°•☽O☾•°*˜”♡