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Michigan made magickal art items


•~დ╮╭დ~•Sparks for Your Life•~დ╮╭დ~•
unique Hard to find ~ handcrafted
  to spark your life with purposed living

•~დ╮♥╭დ~•  Ritual Kits •~დ╮♥╭დ~•
 For Good Purpose in All things that Life throws at us.

Ritual Kit components
Ritual Kits

A ready-made Ritual for personal need's, or small group work. Not to replace professional help, but to enhance it. We make no claims of this being a quick fix, these are the tools, YOU are the MAGICK! 

Each Ritual Kit includes Ritual Instruction sheet, appropriate candle, incense, and vibrational gem stone and or Amulet. They can be used by the novice or long time practitioner. The suggested Ritual leaves room for enhancement, which we highly encourage. They have been Reiki Attuned and Ceremonially Blessed for the Good of All!  Rendered useless for dark work, don't even try it; your efforts will back fire. These Rituals are the copyrighted hard work and design by Linda Beers Aydlott of Sacred Sparks and are not to be copied, shared or used for profit without permission. 

The Ritual Kit's we have available are:

#1 Birth Blessing ~ for Joy, Celebration and Happy Preparation of a new Life's arrival.

#2 Death Blessing ~ for Healing, Love, Courage, Strength and Recovery involved with Loss.

#3 Dark Moon  ~ end unwanted habits, cut ties, a perfect time for a new start or beginning.

#4 Full Moon ~ Self Empowerment, gaining strength, fertility, courage, endurance.

#5 Forgiveness ~ Forgiving yourself or another in life's challenging world. Path to inner Peace

#6 Healing ~ Body, Mind, Spirit. When we feel helpless and our Love needs to offer more.     

#7 Healing/Blessing for Pets ~ Same as Healing but for our fur babies.       

#8 Home Cleansing/Blessing ~ rid negative energy, receive positive & all things good in your space.

#9 Love ~ open oneself to find & entice Love, friendship into our Life.. Not to manipulate others will.

#10 Prosperity ~ Opens the doorway to receive the Flow of Money, to acquire what we deserve.

#12 Protection ~ Creates a strong sphere of protective Light, warding off all negative forces.

#13 Quick Luck ~ Opens barriers on immediate level. Good exam grades, find lost items, people,                                          successful casino results, job interview, new acquaintance.

These unique kits are hand assembled, 2 at a time, with loving good purpose and positive outcome.  Each is comprised of Ritual Instruction, appropriate Votive candle, Incense, Semi Precious Stone and handmade Amulet to retain the positive energies generated.  Your serious aligned focus within the ceremony will project your needs or desires most effectively.  Trust in yourself.  Magick Happens.


Questions?  Call us at 1-231-536-2704,

Price per Ritual Kit is $25.00 

                    ~ Blessed Be ~