Michigan made magickal art items


Unique Jewelry Creations 
               By Artist/Designers ~ Linda Beers-Aydlott & Jerry Aydlott             ...from our Jordan Valley Studio

☆*~ The Dancing Heart Collection ¸.´`❥ ˜”*°•.¸.☆*´☽

Our Dancing Heart Collection~ features work that brings joy, to our hearts    

Even though we may make more than one, each is unique and different, because we create them completely ourselves, here in our Jordan Valley Studio. 

If you see something you like, most of these are presented in our Etsy Shop, where you can purchase them easily and safely. ¸.´`❥ ˜”*°•.¸.☆*´☽

 Heart in Hand Pin.THE POWER IS IN YOUR HANDS!  Made from Copper with attached  Brass Heart.
This piece will likely become a favorite, whether you keep it, or give it as a gift. It has a way of growing into your Heart and Spiritual beliefs. I think it is wonderful that art and Spirit can come together on a plane of Love. It is also perfect for the Healer in your life. Be it a Massage Therapist, Therapeutic Touch Technician, or Reiki Practitioner, this makes a loving gift that speaks volumes.  It is 1 1\2" by 2", and can also hang from a cord, as well as used as a pin.

Price ~ $24.00 
Spiraling into the Center .... celebrate Life and our personal journey.
The ear wires are handmade Sterling Silver ~ the metal of the Moon.  They connect with heavy gauge hammer forged Copper Spirals ~ the metal of Earth. 
Our personal Life journey is Sacred.  We are each learning and becoming wise throughout our experiences.  These hang 1 1/2 Inches long. 

 Price  $38.00  

HARM NONE earrings ...  Oxidized Copper hands with a tiny silvery Pentagram with bronze and cobalt glass bead accents. They hang from sterling wires 2 1/4" long. The beautiful hues achieved by oxidizing the hands gives them a Magickal Earthly look.   

The Pentagram represents the four directions - East, West, North, South, above/below. The five elements of life as we know it here on Earth, is also represented - Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and the fifth being of the greatest importance of all is SPIRIT. Your actions, what you do, what you say, and yup, what you think affect everyone's world, especially yourself. Lead by POSITIvE EXAMPLE.  ...Blessed Be....


SISTER MOON is my title for these earrings. We women are all connected to the Moon. She smiles down upon us with Her silver glow, reminding us we are all connected through the feminine aspect.  

 They hang 2 inches long from the top of the sterling silver ear wire.  The cobalt glass beads add a touch of the night sky with a tiny silver star. 

A Joyful Dragonfly  ....  Sterling Silver hammered spiral post earrings hold a Little Dragonfly to flutter below. Their  brilliant, sparkling, iridescent green Swarovski crystal beads catch the light, just like the slender bodies of the Green Darners.  They hang 1 1/4" long    

Price - $24.50 

MAGICK IN MY HANDS... earrings I designed to echo our connections to the beauty and humbling wonder of the Cosmos.  

These earrings are made from fabric impressed brass sheet, with a tiny star and crescent moon. They hang from sterling silver wires, 1 1/2" long   Completely hand made by me, in my Michigan ~Jordan Valley Studio.  


SpiRiT SpiRaLiNg - Rustic Sterling Earrings that flow so gracefully. The hammered oxidized silver make these arty and graceful.  3" long. If you want a 'Shiny - Polished' version, just let me know.  If you do not choose, I will send the Rustic Look.
I make this style and variations of, in brass, copper, and 14K gold filled wire as well. 
$42.00 - Sterling - 
$62.00 - 14K Gold Filled
$32.00 - Brass
$32.00 - Copper

The Oak Tree Talisman...  The ancient OAK is a tree of Strength and Longevity..  With the  Pentagram, symbol of protection and the support of Elemental forces, You have a great Talisman!

I Craft this from Copper, the Pentagram is pewter. The pendant hangs from a black, 22 inch cord with a hook and eye clasp. The OAK LEAF is 2" long and 1 1/2" wide. Each Oak Leaf is hand cut, hammered, tooled, buffed and oxidized by my hands!  Signed & dated..     Price  $48.00

Spiral Hoops in Sterling Silver.  These unique and lovely hoops twist into your ear either from the front or back... your choice.  They are hammer forged on my antique anvil.  They fit into a  1 1/4 inch square.  They come with rubber backs to prevent loss, as do all of my earrings.

Price $27.00

All photos, artwork, and jewelry designs appearing on this site are copyright to Sacred Sparks and Jerry and Linda Aydlott

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