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Michigan made magickal art items


Unique Jewelry Creations 
By Artist/Designer ~ Linda Beers-Aydlott ...from our Jordan Valley Studio

☆☾•~The Deepening Mind Collection .•L☮vE¸.´`❥ ˜”*°•.¸.☆*´☽~*  ~☆☾•~დ╮╭დ~•☽☆~

The Deepening Mind is our very special, "One of a Kind" creations. Each piece you see in this collection is a work of art, designed and crafted from a special moment, thought, or experience.  Each is time intensive, using found objects, special stones or artifacts.

                   ~A Faeries Gift ~☆☾•~დ╮♥╭დ~•☽☆~


A Faeries Gift is a Pendant/necklace that captures a moment in time....A tiny Sprite lovingly carries a beautiful Black Pearl as an offering to the Moon glowing above.
This involved piece I crafted from many metals= bronze, copper, brass, sterling and titanium, with a bezel set amethyst, and a prong set black pearl. The oxidized Titanium creates a beautiful blue night sky. The piece is acid etched, pierced, soldered, and riveted. It will arrive on a black satin ribbon, or you may hang it from your own chain or purchase a sterling forged torque - neck ring from me... just contact me and ask for an invoice to add the additional cost.
Comes in a hand made pillow box.



Price $225.00 SOLD!  (7-2-17) 

                     ~*☆☾•~..Faerie Orbs In The Night..╭დ~•☽☆*~

SOLD!   FAERIE ORBS ALL AROUND US ~ A Unique Necklace Weaving Fantasy and Reality ~

In the Labyrinth we saw the 'Lights'. Blue Flashes in our peripherals, flickering, not of this world, but certainly of the 'Other'. Is this Fantasy? Faerie Lights in the Night, in the Labyrinth? Were they there? Were they the connection to that place of Dreams and Imagination? We may never know, yet we do KNOW and still deny its existence. Two people had this simultaneous experience, me and my husband. This necklace was created for that magickal moment.

This is a one of a kind necklace to help you accept the unacceptable. A gathering of precious beads and a Denim Blue Calcita stone that Remembers and Tells. An amulet to bring YOU to that magickal place of fantastical thought and truths!!! Anything can happen and anything will..... This necklace was created by me, but warranted by the stone that is wrapped in sterling. Whirling and twisting brings you to that sacred point where Fantasy meets Reality. And the meld is so sweet, so beautiful, so as it should be. BELIEVE!

This piece is 3 3/8" long by 1 7/8" wide and hangs from a 21 3/4" strand of Kyanite, Rose Quartz, Fresh Water Pearls, Hematite, and Amethyst beads. Each mineral is chosen and brought to surround your neck with the ethereal realm of Magick, Fantasy, Reality, and Truth. You will be TRANSFORMED!!! No longer will you dwell amongst the LOST, but of the LIVING, VIBRATING, BEAUTY OF THE REALM OF THE FAE... So be it....For ever more! 



Price $485.00 USD

~Stallion of the Stars~

The STALLION of the STARS is waiting for you!

This piece evolved from a dream I had. I sketched my dream and then began to create this from acid etched Sterling Silver, Brass, Copper, Titanium, 14K Gold-Filled Beads, Quartz Crystal, Garnets, Tiger Eye, Peridot, Malachite, fresh water pearls, Amethyst, and Poppy Jasper....whew...

This is a work meant to bring focus to our dreams and goals and to never, ever let them go. It comes with a little story card.

The Pendant itself is 2 1/2" across at the base, and is 5" to the bottom of the crystal. The Beaded necklace is 21 1/2" in length.


Price $695.00 

What the World Needs NOW.... brooch

WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW! is the Feminine Aspect, The Goddess, The gentle benign Source of Creation.
I made this broach from acid etched Bronze, reticulated Sterling, brass and a copper enameled Earth.
Two Faces of the Feminine come together over a starry etched sky of bronze with applied Sterling Crescent Moon and tumbling stars, encased in a brass wrap with the beautiful blue green Earth, waiting to receive this gentle flow of loving energy.

Crafted in service to the GODDESS.

This Brooch measures 1 1/2" wide by 3 1/4" long.
It is shown on a brass display that will come with Her so you can show Her even when you are not wearing Her.

Price ~ $350.00 USD

Tell Tale Signs.... Brooch and Necklace ~


there were Faeries in my Garden! Look here and you will see their tiny twirls and leaps and flight! I know it happened and here is the proof! Their Tell Tale Signs!!!!
This brooch I created by reticulating sterling sheet and applying tiny artifacts and a lovely 6mm Pomegranate Red Garnet with fresh water pearls. 
  This pin is special because it can transform into a necklace with the handmade slide provided. It comes with a beautiful 22 inch strand of garnets, amethysts, tourmaline's -pink and green, peridot, fresh water pearls and hematite. All the colors of a beautiful garden in bloom, where Faeries dance by the light of the Moon.
  With this piece you will tell the tale about how the Faeries Danced in your garden.   

Price ~ $345.00  

All photos, artwork, and jewelry designs appearing on this site are copyright to Sacred Sparks and Jerry and Linda Aydlott