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Michigan made magickal art items


Unique Jewelry Creations 
By Artist/Designer ~ Linda Beers-Aydlott & Jerry Aydlott
 ...from our Jordan Valley Studio

✿´¯`*• ~დ╮♥╭დ~•*`¯`✿ The Joyous Thought Collection ✿´¯`*• ~დ╮♥╭დ~•*`¯`✿

The Joyous Thought Collection is our limited edition work. These pieces we produce on a limited basis, only a few will be created or perhaps the design is a one of a kind, but not as elaborate or made of precious metal and stones.  Each is signed, dated and copyrighted.

We may create more than one, but each is unique. 

Crafted in our Jordan Valley Studio

~Magick In the Night~˜”*°•.¸.☆*´☽☆҉ ‿↗

  'Magick in the Night' - sterling silver earrings that will garner a second look.  Midnight, under the stars, is the time when Magick and Fantasy transport us to the realms of our deepest desires. With the stars twinkling above us, we can imagine and dream bigger than ourselves.  Wear these earrings,  and make magick in our world!

They hang 2 3/4" long and are created from sterling silver with tiny titanium coils.  Each pair is lovingly handcrafted right here in our Jordan Valley Studio!  No two pair are ever alike, allow for subtle variations!  Signed and dated by the artist.

Price  $85.00   

~Grandmother Moon˜”*°•.¸.☆*´☽

Grand Mother Moon is smiling lovingly upon us all. She is hugging us with her loving arms in a beautiful deep indigo night sky. There is something about her warm smile and Knowing look of deep wisdom. She mesmerizes us every time we gaze upon her. .

Ever since I designed "Grand Mother Moon", she has been a part of my limited production work. I acid etch a heavy sheet of sterling, then cut it out and solder the cast bronze face, and copper heart into her hands. She is contrasted with a backing of oxidized Titanium, that represents the beautiful night sky. She measures 2 1/4" long by 1 1/2" wide, and arrives nestled in a handmade pillow box.


Price $225.00 USD

Woven Light a broach with Botswana Agate..

  This piece evolved from me going into one of my daydreams.... starring at my bench and then seeing the strips of sterling laying in a pile... left from another project.  I came out of my 'trance' and started weaving the strips together.  Next thing I knew I was soldering them into permanent place.  I added the lovely agate and there you have it!  I know I made this but I think Spirit used my hands...  This happens often around here. This piece is a one of a kind work. 

$135.00  signed by me the artist


All photos, artwork, and jewelry designs appearing on this site are copyright to Sacred Sparks and Jerry and Linda Aydlott